A New Year, New Goals

Girl With A Thousand Faces was a novel that I fell in love with writing but as my writing developed, the story seemed to stagnate. For that reason, progressing in my writing seemed even more important than it had before. Cue, the reading of writing craft books and following of threads on AbsoluteWrite…

Over time, I started to see the flaws in Girl With A Thousand Faces that I hadn’t previously seen, which was both a challenge and so useful. It has given me the chance to progress in my writing and for that reason I’ve decided to properly use this blog, to document my writing journey.

I’ve started a new project, have become involved in student journalism and my life is generally so different from how it was when I wrote Girl With A Thousand Faces. As we change and develop so does our writing style and I can’t believe it took me so long to realise that I had moved past this story that was just one step on my writing journey.

I’m not used to blogging, as you may or may not be able to tell, but I’ve decided to use this blog to make some writing New Year resolutions…

1. Take part in the ‘A Round of Words in 80 Days’ challenge… even if I’m not going to be adding my blog to the list.
This seemed like a nice challenge to be part of, running from January 5th to March 26th and focuses on an attainable goal. I think my goal will probably be to have a finished draft of my latest novel completed, or something like that. I’ve been writing it out by hand which is an unusual step for me, so to have a draft typed up would be really handy!

2. Continue to take part in student journalism.
Student journalism is something I’ve got a growing interest in and having just started university have already wrote a number of articles for my university newspaper and one for The Tab; this is something which has both developed my writing skills and allowed me to think more deeply about certain issues.

3. Reviewing

For a while now, I’ve been reviewing for a local website and I want to continue to do this in 2015 but perhaps even extend this somehow, although I know that I’m not the sort of person to be able to run a book review blog etc myself — though I admire anyone who can!

Happy New Year everyone!


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