Day 1

Happy New Year! I wouldn’t normally post so regularly but I feel like doing so could be an interesting start to showing my writing resolutions. Something I’ve seen a few authors I really admire doing is posting about the progress of their writing projects, how many words they’ve achieved etc, and I thought I might do the same on my new project, tentatively entitled A Twisted Dance. 

I’ve been working a little differently on this one, reading some writing craft books and outlining, although I am usually a ‘pantser’ and work on all that kind of stuff in revisions. This is something I’m trying to improve on and thought documenting my writing like this might be helpful. I learned a lot writing Girl With A Thousand Faces and one of the most important things I learned was that while line editing created prose I was proud of, it did not allow the story I wanted to tell to shine through. So my attitude to this project will be different in that respect too!

Girl With A Thousand Faces was drafted straight out on the computer screen, in a flurry of words and I’m also trying something different this time in that respect. Although I’ve typed up a scene already on an online word editor, I’m going to try and mainly handwrite. Another challenge.

I’ve decided to share a few pictures of my writing as it progresses. I was hoping to write a few more pages tonight but after watching A New York’s Winter Tale and being mobbed by my cat Star, there hasn’t been time for that. I wrote three sides of A4 today which, for New Year’s Day, is pretty good I think.

The picture below is upside down, and it’s not about seeing the words (because they are pretty much all going to change of course) but about seeing the space occupied by words as they come to life.

Night all,




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