Day Four

Before I begin my writing session today, I thought it might be nice to add a few photos from my trip to Tynemouth here. It’s not writing related, I know, but perhaps one day looking over the archived posts — perhaps when my novel is in the revision stages – I might be able to garner something useful from them. That, or they’ll be pretty to look at!


IMG_0228 IMG_0212 IMG_0204

The stars weren’t very co-operative early this morning. Stayed awake reading The Other Boleyn Girl, thinking about writing and then went out on to the top grass at 2am. Although I didn’t see a meteor as the moon felt as bright as the sun and blocked out a lot of the stars, it was still something nice to do. My mum thinks she might have seen one of the meteors but as they travel so quickly and are gone so fast, it was difficult to tell. Of course, I have no photographs of the elusive meteor shower but I have some of the skyline at night so I’ll add one in here.


I think I’ll keep this post as an ‘interlude’ post for now because these posts aren’t exactly conducive to a writing mood. I’ll end with a quick picture of my cat and return when I’ve done some more writing return!

I has returned! I have been upstairs for the past four hours planning to write but have been distracted first by a documentary I was going to watch just for ten minutes in my break but turned out pretty cool and I got engrossed for over forty minutes (it was about the Princes in the Tower). Then my uni friends were online and I haven’t talked properly in a while so that was fun.

I’ve learned something interesting in the last four days just from doing this, holding myself accountable for my writing has meant that I’m taking my ambitions seriously as well as telling the character’s story at a pace that allows me to become engrossed. It’s so interesting layering up an imaginary life day by day until your own character feels like someone you could have met in the street and talked to.

Yes, it is after midnight and my writing progress is relatively sparse today but I know that prior to making these New Year’s Resolutions I would have simply thrown down my notebook at 11pm and said ‘Hey, I’ve procrastinated so much it isn’t worth it anymore’. And that is not the case right now, though it might be at another time.

I managed just over three sides of A4 tonight and while that may only be say eight hundred words it’s still enough to make me smile. This is especially the case as when I type first I find that I can grow obsessed with the word count and then end up with a jumble of words with little conviction behind them. Writing by hand means that every word feels like it has a place, even in this first draft.

The scene I’ve been working on both today and yesterday is now just over six sides of A4 long, and the part that I showed the snippet for is far from being shown. By writing it out  this way I feel like I am giving myself the ability to expand and explore the world of these characters. Hey, outlining is actually helpful sometimes – even if I haven’t stuck to it rigidly.

Nearly half twelve on the 5th and I should really get some sleep, especially after the late night stargazing. I’ll leave you with a photograph of my little ‘Writing Buddy’ who joined me when I went downstairs to get some chocolate and she spotted me. She came upstairs, did the little wave she does that I think I’ll never quite manage to catch on camera, and jumped on the bed.

1420415139667.1Not a very good photograph, but here she is – the paper she has her head near are the earlier pages of the scene and I’ve tilted the laptop to try and get the best angle of her. Shame about the lack of cute waving pictures but it was nice to have company from her for a little while. Sometimes pets are the best writing partners.

On that slightly sleep-deprived musing,

Night all,



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