Day Seven

Today, after stumbling briefly out of bed at around 9am and then stumbling straight back, I woke up properly around midday. Read the rest of a Sophie Hannah book, before having a shower etc, and winded up sitting with my Nanna and Granda eating Dominos at 4 while they had a cooked dinner. Then watched Flight (which I had seen with my Granda at the cinema when it came out and hadn’t enjoyed much, and found it much better with the benefit of over a year’s space between first and second viewing).

giphy (3)

I don’t think my stomach will be able to take any more pizza (well, until tomorrow) is one thing I’ve learned! Another is that asking for garlic butter on a Dominos pizza just leads to more Garlic dip being delivered. Which is never a bad thing! Rambling about pizza you ask? Yes, this does mean no writing has been done yet today. It’s been nice to see them and a nice break from just being at home, especially as I’m at uni from Sunday. Even if we did just watch the last episode of some ITV drama called The Children that had the most pointless ending ever and it was a bit WTF really.

*Coughs* Anyway. Going to leave this window open as I have been on the days that writing doesn’t feel that fun (usually on the days like today and yesterday when I am right at the beginning of a scene!)

I’ve wrote two pages and, oddly, by leaving the scene at the abrupt point I did yesterday I’ve been able to add quite a quirky and funny exchange between the two characters (That is Scene Four ‘dresses’, for further reference later!) that probably wouldn’t have occurred if I had stopped writing when I did yesterday.

That means that this week of following my New Year’s Resolution has taught me a valuable lesson. I wasn’t quite in the mood yesterday to write and I wasn’t today either, but by sitting down and doing it (what some writing books have called BIC – butt in chair) I gained something valuable.

Sum total of today’s writing endeavours? Two A4 pages, or one piece of paper. Sure, on it’s own it isn’t a lot, but it’s one step further towards my goal and that on it’s own – well that’s fantastic.

I’ll add now that I’m probably going to make bonus posts at some point in the next week, something about my experience of writing while at university, or about the challenges of following New Year’s Resolutions, or about writing in coffee shops if I do decide to take up this challenge.

Oh, speaking of challenges, one of my original resolutions was to do the 80 Days of Writing challenge and I’ve realised I haven’t quite followed the rule for that to blog about my progress on the Wednesday… But I figure this format works better for me.

This blog is almost like a notebook for me at the moment, where I’m ‘scribbling’ down my thoughts just after my writing sessions, in a vague and quick way. At a later date, when I’m further in to writing, I might write some deeper posts about my inspiration for the book or something like that.

Anyway, for now (as it is approximately 00.39 according to my laptop clock and everyone else is asleep)

Good night!



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