Day Six

Edit: Oops, posted this as a page rather than a post originally — which is why it annoyingly thinks it was posted later than it was…

I’m at my Nanna and Granda’s for today through to Thursday which is great as I haven’t seen as much of them as I would have liked this uni holiday so have went to the cinema with my Granda to see The Theory of Everything and am doing my daily writing before we watch a film.

Going to bed so late last night hasn’t had the best effect and it is hard to motivate myself to write when I’m not quite in the mood and it’s a nice scene I’m starting today which is somehow harder.

Have picked out the scene I’m going to write, going to read some posts on AbsoluteWrite and then put on some music and get going.

giphy (2)

That wasn’t terribly productive as I wasn’t in the right mood to write, but look at those skaters go! I managed three pages and had an idea for a new scene as well as some backstory for one of the main characters that might need to be written more fully into the next draft.

Luckily the way I’ve started the scene has made it easy for me to pick up again and keep writing — so I might be back later!


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