Day Nine

Something quickly that is not at all related to writing, but what has happened elsewhere in the world, to the writers of a magazine who were exercising their freedom of speech. Thanks to the kindness of Amy Plum, a YA author, people (including myself) from all over the world have been able to leave records of their thoughts and prayers for those affected in Paris and the extent of public feeling is shown in an article on her blog which I encourage you to read: http://www.amyplumbooks.com/2015/01/je-suis-charlie/

I’ll now move on to discuss my writing, as I usually do, although I felt this tragedy should be mentioned.


Today, I haven’t yet written a novel-related word and I’m heading to bed. I’m tired, have been to the hairdressers (ugh.), had the flu jab and it’s the middle of winter in England. But a New Year’s Resolution is a New Year’s Resolution – after hearing on the radio this morning that around 88% of resolutions are broken, I don’t want to be a statistic.

So I’ll write a little, following the BIC method.

I didn’t start writing then and instead went on a site that was popular with university students and read an article. And it made me so angry and so disheartened that I wanted to cry. It’s on a topic that some people have told me I need to learn to ‘get over’ people not understanding and I thought I had but the truth is that I mustn’t have. It’s very relevant to what I’m writing at the minute and the ignorance of some people is heartbreaking. So that is going to be a bonus post at some point in the next week, possibly even tomorrow, Why Diversity is Necessary in YA (and what it means to me).

I think my late night writing buddy is going to miss me when I go back to university. Don’t know why I’d think that, just the drool on the keyboard might make me think that. That’s true cat love, that is right there.1420847645382.2

I’ll miss her and I’ll miss my family when I go back to university, even if I have spent the last month frustrated at times. I’ve had some quality time with everyone before I head back to uni which was exactly what I needed. It is strange as I have spent the last month wanting to go back to uni — probably because the last weeks of term were a whirlwind of essay deadlines and confusion — but now I’m left a little bit nervous.

One major problem I did have last term was that a few weeks in to term I developed a severe sore throat, worse than any I’d had before. That developed into what I now think was the flu. That developed into a cough that lasted almost a month, disappeared and then returned for a month. The flu also caused me to, for a few weeks, have vertigo. In short, I had incredibly rotten luck health wise in my first term at uni. Fingers crossed that won’t be the case this time round!

Before I start writing, although I do realise I’ve gone off on a tangent, I’ve found some writing conferences that I would really like to attend. Perhaps I will?

Today I wrote for perhaps five or ten minutes. That is such a small time frame but it is fourteen lines in my notebook that I would not have otherwise had. I think there is something difficult about this stage, transitioning from being at home to being at uni once more. The freedoms are returning.

On that odd note,

Good night all,



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