Back at University

I’m back in Durham and in fact am right now sitting in the Student’s Union drinking a full sugar Irn Bru (because the vending machine said diet and I believed it, which saddens me). Yesterday, as you can see, there was no ‘Day Eleven’ post and that was because after packing up the car, driving to Durham, going out for a meal with my mum, feeling ill and going for a hot chocolate, ordering a takeaway with friends and doing a small amount of writing (a paragraph at best) there was no time for anything but sleep.

I woke up this morning to my alarm just before eight. I felt so tired it took me another hour to get up and so I walked into my 9am lecture only five minutes late… Because the lecture technically didn’t start until 9.05.

monday animated GIF

The lecture, on Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, was not as boring as I’d thought it would be and my 11am on ‘Dark Age Trade’ was actually really interesting. So I walked back to college in a suitably mediocre mood, to a letter from the council saying that if I didn’t sign the electoral roll by the 31st December 2014, I could be fined £80. Eep! I had left Durham after the letter was delivered and luckily after a quick email to the council it was sorted and I just have to fill up the form.

Phew. Still, that in itself was a little exhausting. Then a seminar on The Cherry Orchard which was challenging in that I thought some of the characters were pretentious and frankly needed to learn some money management and stop being so self-pitying. It was the peasants of Russia I could feel sorry for, not the upper classes who were going to lose a cherry


Crab Mr Krabs animated GIF

Even though it was fiction, when I read Act One for the first time yesterday, I struggled to sympathise with the characters. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one in my tutorial group to feel the same way – although perhaps my feelings were the strongest!

Anyway, sitting in the DSU after said tutorial and am waiting for the next lecture. Lesson for next year? Don’t choose modules that mean that your first lecture is at 9am and your last one finishes at 6pm. Yes, this might resemble a full working day. No, it doesn’t suit the lazy student lifestyle.

I’ve got about two and a half hours to go so am going to do some writing before learning about seventeenth century religion and politics. Oops. Just realised that my laptop is on low battery and if it is going to survive long enough to type up lecture notes will have to end this post now!


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