Day 13 (Yesterday)

Yesterday was an interesting day, if you can call it that. Usually a Tuesday has one lecture in it at 10am and then I head to the library and get some work done. Wonderful. Problem? A lecture last term had been cancelled and as a result I also had a 5pm lecture. Ugh. Kind of ruined my mood for working, although I did manage to start the reading for my essay which is always a bonus!

After that bought some food for my dinner and headed back to my room where — suddenly exhausted with the effort of waiting for the lecture — I sat in bed on my laptop. Attended lecture, with about 20 minutes of it talking about stuff that I’d done at A-Level [e.g. the book recommended was the one I’d read then even] so I was really bored and distracted.

Yeah. On to writing for the day and I did something a little different. I go to a Creative Writing group and for only the second time I actually spent the time writing on something that mattered to me, rather than something that was done out of necessity (English essay) or lack of inspiration to write (critiquing online novel excerpts). Five and a little bit pages later on the scene and once again I’m not at the part I thought I’d be. I’ve also added another character who needs to be inserted into the novel as a whole when I write up the second draft and have noticed some issues with characterisation that will definitely have to be explored! There’s also a part in the scene I’ve realised I have to write but am not sure of how to word, so have noted that down. All in all, the TWO WORDS on my outline card for that scene (aside from the word ‘placeholder’) have really been expanded.


I have no lectures today so am currently trying to work up the motivation to do something before I’m volunteering at the DSU later today.


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