Days Fifteen and Sixteen

University is exhausting when they change your timetable around. Previously, I had usually two early mornings and one two five pm lectures…. this week I had four early mornings (only three expected) and three five pm lectures; often having a 9am or 10am lecture on the same day as one finishing at 6pm. Coupled with only realising I had a seminar at half past twelve last night [yes I did get a little bit of writing done yesterday] and having to wake up early to do the reading, I’ve been exhausted. Got an essay back which I got a 2:1 on. Got food. Slept. Watched TV. It’s nine pm and after ordering a takeaway I feel slightly more like a functioning human being! After my family told me about the herd of squirrels they saw at the park today I was tempted to visit the botanic gardens but perhaps going there would be nicer when the weather actually improves!

I’ve got two scenes I’m going to take a look at over the weekend if I have time and the second one, the one that takes place in a car, may seem to readers like something created for the sake of the plot. But it’s not, it’s based on something that happened in real life to someone I knew in sixth form — although it is only the most basic aspect that has been taken from that anecdote, the scene itself is entirely fictional!

I’ve only written just over four pages today, but I have learned how difficult it is to write in pink pen on yellow paper so that is something at least. I’ve found that the evolution of characters as I continue writing is so interesting and know that I am going to have to go back over everything to add in all of the gaps of what I have discovered. It is a shame I can’t write this from all the different perspectives because it would be great to explore the secondary characters’ views on what is happening. I might try that when I’m revising, just to give further characterisation depth.

Looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time reading books on seventeenth century politics this weekend, although I am of course going to squeeze in some time to write.

computer animated GIF

Night all!



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