In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Agree to Disagree”.

I know that this is my second post of this type today but I’m procrastinating. I can’t help it. I’ve got two books on 18th century Britain next to me [Baptists and Fifth Monarchy Men and England’s Troubles] to read and I’ve also promised myself that today I might actually do some of the lecture reading. I should probably also read Death of A Salesman so I understand what is happening in my lecture tomorrow. That would help. Of course, all copies of Death of A Salesman are out from the library so I might just watch an adaptation or read a PDF or something.

Right, Agree to Disagree. One thing that came up in conversation yesterday with a friend was that they think that Ian Duncan Smith is a ‘clever’ man  and while I of course respect their opinion, the opposite appears clear to me.

See ATOS and the disabled dying in misery or left financially unsecure because of him. See the poor forced to pay for rooms that they no longer occupy (but unable to move homes). See the abject misery caused by such a man.

He may be intelligent, but in Ian Duncan Smith all I can see is a man with no heart who only looks out for his rich friends.

I won’t normally discuss politics on this blog and this post is a one off.




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