Day Eighteen

Wow. That plan for both a long writing session and for an early night failed epically. Instead, around half nine I met up with one of my friends and have just got back to my room in college. I’m going to finish the part of the scene I’m working on, get my book out and do a little bit of reading and then go to bed, but with a nine am in the morning getting up is not going to be a fun experience. Especially since I’m going to be washing my hair in the morning, unless I really can’t be bothered to get up. Sometimes I hate the way that uni makes you cram so much into every hour because if not you’d be spending your life studying or simply wasting the gaps in between. That might be one of the reasons why I am so utterly exhausted a significant proportion of the time. Duck Sleeping animated GIF University is difficult to juggle, at least for me, but I suppose if it wasn’t then it would be easy and it probably wouldn’t be such a rewarding (sometimes!) and character moulding experience. I’ll post my final word count for the day in a moment, but first a GIF of Leonardo di Caprio to end the day of well. titanic animated GIF Makes you think that caption, doesn’t it, but sadly class warfare/inequality isn’t a topic that I feel competent discussing after midnight on a Sunday, for fear I’ll say something that invalidates my opinion in some way. So instead, I’ll leave it there! Night all, Emma Scene word count yesterday: 452 words Scene word count before meeting friend: 1118 words Scene word count now: 2289 words Daily word count – 1837 Pretty impressive considering that I have struggled to write today, it was that last writing session after spending some time away that really upped the totals and I did just feel inspired, although this was possibly the lack of sleep talking. I’m liking the direction of the scene so far – just have to write the tricky bit, but that’s a job for another day!


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