Day Nineteen

Today my writing progress was meagre because I decided, as it was a Monday and Mondays suck anyway, to put university work first. So today I attended three lectures as well as completing the lecture reading for one lecture and starting the lecture reading for another. I got an essay back in which I had scored 69 which is one mark off a First, which was uplifting.

Another reason for the lack of enjoyment today was the fact that I have a seminar presentation to complete next Monday and, since Sunday is my birthday, I want to spend it enjoying myself. Problem? The books I kind of need for my presentation will be made available to me on Saturday possibly at the latest; which is less of a concern in that my essay is due a week later.

cat animated GIF

I feel a bit better about the academic side of uni after today which is a nice feeling, although I am starting to wonder if it is just me who feels that the second term is so much less carefree and much more focused than the first. Today was also different as I was the one to step back from more social time, in order to have a little bit of me time watching Broadchurch, although in the end the episode was so disappointing I would rather not have watched it.

Word count for the day – 383 words [alongside some comments for scene revision]. What is ironic is that the majority of these words were written while in the DSU in the gap between lectures while tonight I was really too tired to write.

Night all,



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