Day Twenty Two

I’ve learned something today trying to get back into writing; writing the first draft is not for me. It leads to sentences which are frankly embarrassing individually and combine together to make an emotionless piece – there is something about writing by hand which is so much better. So after I finish the scene I just started writing on Quabel, it’ll be a return to writing by hand for me I think.

I’ve wrote a news article today and attended a lecture but today has not been busy and that’s probably just as well; the exhaustion of finding out I didn’t fail the essay in my least favourite module was a lovely moment if tiring.

I wrote a paragraph finishing off the scene I’ve been struggling over for days and then I’ve started work on the next scene. This was going slowly until a certain way into the scene and then I lost myself in it for a few minutes.

Total scene count so far including remarks upon what needs to be altered in draft two 676 words

Total scene word count excluding comments – 391 words… Yep, there are a lot of changes and clarifications I am already aware are necessary but it is a good sign I am starting to recognise this.

Night all,



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