Days Twenty and Twenty-One

Last night I managed only one hundred and three words on my novel but in the course of the day I did also manage to turned up for a lecture that was cancelled, complete three-and-a-half lectures worth of reading, write and research a seven hundred word article [which was shortened in copy editing as I’ve found out something that might make an interesting follow-up], started contacting sources for a second article, made bread, went to a quiz with some friends, met up with friends after the quiz and talked to a religious organisation in order to be given a free toastie, slept.

Wow. I didn’t realise until I wrote it out like that that, despite my initial reservations about not completing as much uni work as I’d have hoped, it was an incredibly busy day! That’s something that I’ve found interesting about my life since I’ve started uni, days are just so full.

Here’s today for comparison. Packed up suitcase, got picked up from uni, went to my nanna and granda’s house for some toast [with nanna talking about Cucumber, lol], went to orthodontist, went to arts group and worked on portfolio for four hours, walked to station, missed train, got train, got takeaway, watched TV, now. Even what is an incredibly busy day at home is not busy by comparison to the standards of a day at uni…

This means that my writing progress for the last few days has been absolutely abysmal, although it hasn’t been helped by the fact that the scene I am currently working on being one of the trickiest to write as it is just so key to the novel as a whole. For that reason I’ve kind of being avoiding writing it and that’s probably a bad move so going to try and power through and get a little bit done tonight and then work on it in the morning… as well as reading some books I need for my essay of course.

Reading some articles about Tudor England for a bit of relaxation before I start my writing which is interesting as regardless of what history I study, it is the Tudors I look to in my free time for history related stuff. Probably because they were my favourite when I was little and also because I’ve studied them so much over the years I know the basics off by heart and can focus on the interesting stuff without getting confused.

Update: I managed approximately seven words on the scene as I’m home for the night and my writing buddy decided she needed hugs — which couldn’t wait of course, especially as I might not see her for a while. Ironically as soon as I put the laptop away she ran for it!


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