Day Twenty Five

Writing has petered out this week, although I am yet to break my resolution. One of the reasons for the 23rd was that I was at a social and was also involved in writing articles about a tragedy in my university city — which was time consuming and obviously emotional. Yesterday I was working on seminar presentation work and attended a talk on careers in publishing and today was my birthday.

IMG_0179 Here’s a picture of me with some of my family and my birthday cookie – it was very nice, I’ve got to add! Today has been quite a quiet birthday which was different after the lovely experience of my 18th but it was great to spend time with my family; being away at university does make it hard sometimes to come home as often as I’d like sometimes. We watched a film together, Before I Go to Sleep, which was nice and I was able to sleep in my own bed on Saturday night and see my pets — one kitty had forgotten who I was and spent the first five minutes trying to hide from me. I also saw my friends today and crucially went to the college bar for just over an hour which made a nice change.

I’m doing a little bit of writing now and will of course put my final word count in this post as I have been doing for the last little while. Tomorrow is a busy day with lectures and I also have a seminar presentation that I am supposed to be giving which is quite annoying as I hate that kind of thing; just need to finish writing up my handout in the morning.

Tomorrow night nicely is a night to myself so I might spend it with friends or I might go to the cinema or have a writing session — my lecture doesn’t finish until 6pm and it’s a Broadchurch night so we’ll see.

Night all (and happy birthday to me!)


Total writing today [excluding scene notes] – 320 words


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