Almost the end of term

11025955_10204776996163838_4189354318596206667_nHere I am at my college’s special themed day (middle of the photo), which was last Saturday. A week ago now and it feels much longer although the term feels so short… That’s something I’ve noticed about uni — time feels both condensed and stretched out. I can never tell how much time has passed or even what day of the week it is at times.

So far, as far as I can remember, I have kept to my New Year’s Resolution to write something for my novel every day! I have also had a rather busy week in other respects. Last Friday I handed in an essay I had been working on and then Saturday was the college day which involved dressing in all green and wearing a cape which was fun!

Throughout this week I have:

  • Attended all of my scheduled lectures this week! (Yes, it seems like a strange thing to put as an achievement, but at this stage in the term that is something to be happy about.)
  • Finished lecture reading for one module and started it for another.
  • Written and submitted an essay.
  • Attended a very interesting talk on Richard III which I might discuss further when I talk about the research and motivations behind my novel.
  • Went out for a meal with friends, a meal with my sister and also a meal with my tutor group.
  • Attended college ‘question time’.

I’ve noticed that since the beginning of term the contexts of my weeks have got progressively less exciting but I guess that is a by-product of having to do actual work. I managed less than one hundred words on my novel today but I can pinpoint as to exactly why that was — it’s the start of a scene I am writing at the moment which I hate and it’s also a scene not in my original plan. Figures.

Happier writing tomorrow and –

Good night

Emma xx


One thought on “Almost the end of term

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