My Revising Face

Why the silence for so long I hear (nobody) you cry!

Well, it’s that time of year again. Look at that lovely image of me, looking a bit tired and holding up a very dull essay plan on the topic of whether African ethnicity was invented by the colonial powers. It’s not a topic I feel qualified to have any sort of an opinion on considering the amount of engagement I’ve had with that module this year, so let’s just leave the whole revision line of things at that….

With regards to my novel, I am also in the revision trenches with that. Maybe when I’m done I’ll show you my revision notes but for now they can remain hidden. It’s interesting, marking up an entire chapter with changes to enact, but realising that it is both easier and better to write it up from scratch. That was an interesting and rewarding moment.

It’s starting to get to that part in the revision period when all I want to do is spend time with friends and family rather than look at the notes of historical and literary ‘learning’ that I have apparently made this year. Funny thing is, I can remember more conversations with the people I sit with in lectures than lectures themselves. Or when the lecturer doesn’t turn up and I’m sweaty and tired because it’s too early in the morning and I’ve speed-walked half a mile to get there in time.

Learning just isn’t that engaging and I suppose there is something almost private about the revision process of writing a novel too. When I was writing the first draft I wanted to share every moment of the process and share my thoughts because they felt so shiny and new.

Now it’s the story that is the thing and sharing doesn’t feel quite so important compared to the characters that sometimes occupy my head.

While posts on writing might be a little bit sparse for the near future, I’ve thought of something that might make it less noticeable. I frequently write journalistic pieces for The Tab, so I’ll post up links to those every so often. Just to make sure this place doesn’t stay too sparse.

Speak soon,



Outside of This Blog

I am a ‘Senior Tab Journalist’ at The Tab Durham and am, at the time of writing, the 22nd most popular Tab journalist with over 320,000 views since 20th January 2015. I’ve covered issues such as student safety and politics, with one of my stories picked up by Pink News.

I’ve also wrote about less serious topics, including a feature on the sale of a tarantula that was very surreal to write…

I also write for Palatinate student newspaper, which has a print run of 4,000 copies and is stocked at numerous Durham University sites if you fancy picking up a copy. My online page includes most of my articles, although one that was included in the print newspaper is missing.

My first article in Palatinate newspaper, illustration by Katherine Hurst

My first article in Palatinate newspaper, illustration and photograph by Katherine Hurst

I’m also Deputy Creative Editor at The Bubble and the Secretary of the Creative Writing Society at Durham University. In the past I’ve written for and was involved in Skimstone Arts’ A Natural Anthem exhibition in the summer of 2014.