Winchester Writers’ Festival – Thursday

I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship to attend the festival, meaning that I just had to pay for accommodation and transport to Winchester. Thanks to Winchester University for that! It was thanks to their assistance that I was able to attend, living so far away from the event. As an aside, I’d encourage any readers to consider applying for their scholarship scheme as you simply have to be aged 18-25 and have a demonstrable passion for Creative Writing!

As well as being a great experience creatively, meeting some great people, it was also my first solo trip. I’ll use that as an excuse for why the incessant whirring from the plane’s propellers made me more than a little nervous… (Or maybe I’m just a bit of a scaredy cat.)

Arriving in Southampton on a warm Thursday afternoon, I managed to make it successfully to Winchester train station. The distance from there to the university proved a little more elusive but with a little directional advice I finally arrived at the university.

The experience of being at a campus university was slightly strange, with the accommodation up a hill from the buildings where the events of the weekend where to take place. Over the past year I have become so used to Durham that being somewhere where things require even a short walk to reach is now surreal.

Thursday evening I relaxed and watched fragmented parts of movies online…


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