Works in Progress

Work in Progress One – This is the novel that I’ll have been talking about up until now on the blog and it has a rough first draft finished. I’m working on its second draft, with some feedback given by the wonderful people at the Winchester Writers’ Festival, and look forward to being able to share more about it with you soon. I currently have three chapters completed and am shading in the space between two major events in the first draft. I left those spaces for Future Me to fix and since I’m Future Me that’s what I’ll be doing this month!

Work in Progress Two – This is my Camp NaNoWriMo novel, which is a completely different genre to WIP1, and is much closer to what I would normally write. It’s not a story I feel as passionately about as WIP1 but that is probably because the theme of WIP1 is something very important to me.

I do have an idea for a third WIP but I’m going to hold back on that one. Best stick to two things at once rather than a million!

I’ve also been writing articles online as per usual, busy, busy, busy.

Emma xx


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