September Update

This has been an interesting month, that’s for sure. On the writing front, my original WIP has fallen behind and has been replaced in my affections by my new favourite story. It was inspired by a dream (a bit like Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight in that respect…) but over 20,000 words in and I haven’t reached the dream scene just yet.

It’s probably a bad thing that I’m abandoning my trusty WIP for a New and Shiny project, but I’ll be heading back to it once I’m at uni again. It’s a story that I find it easier to tell when I’m sitting somewhere completely quiet, such as the uni library, so I’ll be back to it in no time! I still love the characters and what they stand for, I just got stuck in the muddy depths between two scenes. In this draft of that story I’m having to bridge the gaps I left in the first draft, which is slightly tedious. There are only a few more scenes though until I am done with that and back to writing what I love.

Surprise: the endless summer is almost over. Cue shocked faces. I head back to my uni town next week, alongside two of my housemates. I have to admit it is going to be odd heading back there after so long away, especially since most of the other people at uni are travelling hundreds of miles to come back whereas my journey is very short.

Most people have been absent from the city for fourth months, whereas I’ve been heading back every few weeks for the day with family. It’s an odd one.


I could do a long post about the lessons I’ve learned from finishing my first year and my horror at no longer being a fresher, but that doesn’t feel quite right. This is the place where I talk about writing and life and somehow my uni concerns don’t quite fit in yet. I’m sure I can make them fit in over time, but right now this isn’t the place for them.

There are weeks left before the first lecture comes, and terms at uni are so short, while this summer has been so long.

I’m still writing, still reading, just now I’m waiting for life to press the play button again

Much love



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No Cliffhangers.”

I’ve been spending a lot of time this summer getting my student house up to standard, which has been one of the less interesting things I’ve done this year! Apart from the lack of joy involved in cleaning out a house and paying for the privilege, it’s been kind of icky.

The black liquid that came out of the carpet cleaner after the cleaning had been done showed just how gross it was possible for a carpet to get when it isn’t cleaned properly every year.

Living in a house knowing that I’m only going to be there for the next nine months or so is a weird concept and one, with move in day only a few weeks off, that I still haven’t got used to.

It seems strange to have been ripped away from the safety blanket of college life and to have been dropped into the Real World. Or at least, as close to reality as a sleepy corner of the student quarter of my city can be.

Paying over the odds for a room in a dingy house not too far shows me what a rip off the student life can be, but I have to understand and respect that for now. It isn’t exactly something that I can do anything about, after all! I just have to learn to deal with it. And deal with it I will.

In the meantime, I’ve been in touch with my letting agency a number of times and after snail trails and insects in the kitchen, I put my foot down. There’s renting a property that is probably substandard and then there is being unfair to the students who have little other choice.

I wrote a letter to the landlord, including a specimen insect (who we nicknamed Bob), and some lovely photos of the place. Maybe I’ll show you some time, but more likely you’d rather not see.

Funnily enough, when a man came to have a look at the kitchen this afternoon he advised that he was going to suggest to the landlord a replacement of the flooring in the kitchen and would take a look at the way the back door was sticking as well.

Sometimes it’s only through perseverance that you can get anywhere at all.

At least something is being done I suppose. And there are a few weeks of university vacation left in which I can make the most of being in a house that isn’t intended to milk as much money out of the cash-cow students for a little longer.

And all was well with the world…

We’ve Got (Woodlice) Babies!