December Update

Wow. I hadn’t realised I forgot to update in October, meaning that I haven’t blogged here since September. In some ways everything is the same as it was then (of course) and in other ways it is a little bit different.

Writing wise, November was an interesting month for me. NaNoWriMo is a big focus for me most years, and I love the temporary writing community that springs to light in a small corner of the Internet.

This year it was also the time of one of my most significant workloads of the uni academic year, meaning that balancing writing and studying was an exercise in chaos. I attended the Creative Writing Soc Night of Writing Dangerously but had to flee before the end of the event, knowing that an essay rather than a novel would greet me in the morning.

It can be a tricky one, keeping up writing while working towards your degree. It’s a lot easier than it was at A-level though, because now there isn’t the menagerie of grades and percentage points, there’s primarily just 2:1 or Not 2:1. And that’s a good thing, it keeps me from putting undue focus on the grades and academia. I like it.

After a family Christmas, I thought I’d update now, quickly, before an end of year post at New Year’s. I’m going to try and write some more in the coming days, before the looming 10,000 words of deadlines start to press away at my creativity.

The last few days have been a perfect oasis, let’s continue that.


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