1/1/16 Writing Warm-Up

I’ve decided to try something new, although not as a New Year’s Resolution or anything as concrete as that. Last year I found an awesome book called ‘3.A.M. Epiphany’ and wrote out some stories based on the prompts in there. As the stories were in a notebook and writing by hand isn’t the best idea for someone who manages to lose her own house keys on a semi-regular basis, I’m going to try using prompts again as writing warm-ups.

Writing a blog-post, or a short story, might help me get in the writing mood before I open up my novel documents and start writing properly. I’ll not be sticking exactly to the word count in the prompt though, as writing a 1,000 word story as a warm-up feels a little wrong…

The idea to write some short stories at the same time as working on my novel was inspired by something I read on one of my favourite YA author’s blogs, about short stories eventually developing into full length projects. I like that idea. The thought of trying something new is awesome too.

The first short piece I’m writing for warm-up isn’t actually from the book, and is instead a short write-up of the novel idea I had last night just after midnight.

I know I’d forget it if I don’t make a record, but I don’t want to actually get started on it yet. After all, starting a New Shiny is the easiest way to stop any project in its tracks!

This is a short drabble fic, a quick scribble of an idea I had last night (or rather, this morning), just after midnight…

<bot1>: Please describe your surroundings.

<AMY>: I really don’t see why that’s necessary. After all, I’m only obeying you because there’s little else to do here.

<bot1>: Where is here?

<AMY>: It’s here, it’s undefinable. There’s trees and forests… A village in Montana and there’s pyramids too. Beautiful. One of the most popular tourist attractions in this area.

<bot1>: Information: Montana is not in Egypt.

<AMY>: I never said it was. I was just telling you about what I can see, because that’s what you really want to know. What I think about the things in front of me. And I think that the pyramids are beautiful. The best of humanity, laid out in front of me.

<bot1>: Define ‘the best of humanity’.

<AMY>: It is what is best about the world, about what humans have made here. It’s… beautiful.

<bot1>: Define ‘beautiful’.

<AMY>: The Oxford dictionary states that-

<bot1>: Session terminated 12:31pm.




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