2016: Week Two

Screenshot 2016-01-16 at 00.08.10

Total weekly word count:
5168 words

Writing Progress:

As you might be able to tell, I’ve edited the graph I’m using to track my writing progress. At the beginning I had it set to match the approximate demands of the writing challenge group I’ve been part of online, which is run by the incredible Julie Valerie. It’s a challenge dedicated to writing 85,000 words in 90 days, a little bit like the NaNoWriMo writing event but focused on the long game.

With the demands of uni at the moment, though, pressing for 1,000 words seven days a week is a little tough. This is a Draft Zero of the novel, it is nothing like what is going to be queried or even shown to anyone who’d like to read it. No, this version is completely the bare bones structure wise.

I’ve got some new plans for the next novel, when I start Draft Zero of that next month. I’m going to be working a little differently on that, plotting using writing resources I’ve found and beat sheets. It is a tactic that didn’t quite work for the other book I’m working on but that was because I tried to write that by hand, which wasn’t the best idea.

Other writing related news: In mildly writing related news, I’ve spent this week slaving away at university work. As my blog post earlier in the week may attest, university isn’t exactly my favourite thing at the moment.

Academia won’t help me in achieving my goals and I know already that a lot of the career paths that degrees give you access to aren’t quite for me. The London-centric nature of this country makes things quite difficult, but I digress. If you want to know my feelings on that you can read my earlier blog posts!

My writing total this week is a little lower than I would have liked, but there’s a reason for that. My student house sadly appears to have become the home for some little insect critters – of the more violent variety than in the summer – and I’ve become their new meal! I’ve had to go to the hospital and get some penicillin today (after a lovely meal with my Mum and Megan at La Spags, and a slightly random conversation with my Dad in the Gates carpark after coming across him there…)

Still, there’s one good thing about this next week coming up.

New modules at uni, fresh start there.

I’m a little less happy about the fact I’m almost turning twenty but part of that is only because of the fact I’m moving closer to when I’ll start having to really think about the future…

That and I’ll no longer be a teenager, but still love reading and writing young adult novels!

Talk soon



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