2016: Weeks Three and Four

So. Hello, everyone. My writing progress in these last few weeks has been more or less non-existent. I’m finally at the stage in this novel that inspired the whole thing, yet I’ve achieved less than one thousand words total in the last two weeks up until now.

‘Why?’ I hear you ask and I, as ever, am obliged to tell you. It’s because of the downright odd deadlines for my History degree. Having 10,000 words of coursework due in one week, right after the Christmas vacation, really took it out of me.

The downright panic of having to write 4,000 word essays for the first time in my life, as well as come up with a project proposal that looked vaguely plausible, was not the best experience I’ve ever had.

A week later, I’m still in the awkward sort of come-down state, where I’m working but not yet prepared to do anything that has anything to do with coursework. Which, of course, will have to change on Monday as I have another deadline in just two weeks time. One of the many issues with the 8 week terms at this university.

I’m sad I haven’t been writing, both because of being so busy working and now because of being so flat out worn out. But it’s something I’m working on, going to write for a little while now before bed.

Two friends and I are going out to our nearest city tomorrow so I’m hoping to pick up some inspiration, or at least some relaxation, there.  Will update you on my writing progress, and my week as a whole, at the end of the weekend.

Got some articles to work on too and am attending a DUCWS event on Sunday.

Fingers crossed for a good weekend!

~ Emma


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