April Update

If you’re wondering why the absence in posts over the last few days, on the 28th I woke up at 6.44am (snoozed alarm), headed to library for around ten past eight and apart from eating and half of a lecture I went to was there until 9pm. Yesterday I woke up at 5am and was in front of a library computer by ten past six. Headed to the vets with my kitty who has been a little under the weather, then to my grandparent’s house for a shower (extreme essay bedhead is not a good look!) and to celebrate my Mum’s 50th ūüėÄ

Afterwards I was so tired I fell asleep at 9 when I was trying to watch TV on my laptop…. It’s almost 10am and I’ve just woken up properly. My hands are really stiff and weird shaped at the moment and yesterday my back was really messed up.

Nine P.M. in the evening now, have had a wonderfully relaxing day. I was going to do some writing today but have found myself daydreaming about the story and thinking over the plot instead.

I haven’t wrote in my novel for three days which feels like such a long time and I know if I don’t write soon I won’t for¬†ages¬†but I love the story.

UPDATE: My finished total for the month on my novel was around¬†38, 890¬†words, but when you add in the¬†12,000¬†words of essays that were written up in this month that gives a total of over 50,000 words, which is the Camp NaNo word count goal I had aimed for. It’s not quite the way I planned to win but it feels great to know I managed to balance my writing and my uni work this month, as well as having time for a few other things too.

Here’s to time management and making time for the things that make us happy.

April Showers, they bring May Flowers.

Lots of love,

Emma xxx

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A Day in the Writing Life (April 27th 2016, Robot Dreams)

Hello, all. Another busy, busy day at the uni library followed by missing my usual Wednesday society as I didn’t really have any more energy left to do things with. I mean, I probably could have made it out but then I wouldn’t have been able to make it to the library for long tomorrow. Which is both essential and necessary.

Wow. I’ve somehow been sitting here much longer than I thought I had and sadly haven’t wrote yet tonight. As time is ticking on and I’ve set an obscenely early library start time, I’ll have to get started now!

Just over 600 words written today and once again it isn’t what I would have liked and I’m a little behind my NaNo schedule I was hoping to achieve but hopefully I’ll make it to the end of the word count by the close of the month as that would be awesome. At the moment I’m still fascinated by the characters and how they are popping fully formed into my mind.

I look forward to spending some more time tomorrow learning their stories.

Emma .x.
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A Day in the Writing Life (April 26th 2016, Robot Dreams)

TV. Library. Snow thunderstorm. Seminar. Dissertation talk. Library with friend. Closed takeaway. Tuesday makes it Creative Writing day. Made of Stories Winchester 2014 speech on Youtube for CW Soc. Writing this here as quietly as I can as it seems people are listening to this. Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40

Haven’t had the handover meeting yet so hadn’t planned anything for this week. Prompt given on the spot by a member: write something inspired by a village/inspired by the talk.

So I’ll be writing part of my novel, though it has absolutely nothing to do with either of those things, nothing about an old woman who refused to die or about chocolate or library books.

414 words

Need expanding on one of the scenes but that’s fine, had a great evening in the DSU with a Cherry Sourz Coke and my CW friends. Laughter. Smiles.

What uni’s about. Those moments of enjoyment juxtaposed against essays.


A Day in the Writing Life (April 25th 2016, Robot Dreams)

Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40I’ve had a lovely hour or so celebrating one of my housemate’s birthdays and earlier today did some writing in¬†Chapters¬†after handing in my project for uni. It was a weird feeling, with the panic of wondering if I’d done it right and even if the paper clip was tight enough (yes, that’s the level of anxiousness I reached!) but it’s finally done.

So, to celebrate, before a super early night that I really need, I’m going to write some more. Here’s to a twenty minute word sprint.

Time started: 10.11pm
Time finished: 10.41pm
Words written: 941 words
Words per minute:31

Well that included talking to family, videos and music changes and once more I’m coming up to a great part in the story. Guess I’ll be able to experience that tomorrow!


A Day in the Writing Life (April 24th 2016, Robot Dreams)

Why the extremely odd photo of me? Well, I tried to get a picture of myself just now to celebrate the fact that my 6,000 word essay that has taken up a serious serious amount of my time over the last six weeks is finally complete. That’s right, apart from one or two alterations and checks I need to do in the morning, it’s officially ready to be handed in tomorrow. Which is the most wonderful feeling. However, as soon as I finished the essay, I got really tired. A combination of the lack of food in the library and the fact that I’m finally done at least one of the three imminent deadline thingys, and I’m not used to finishing before the deadline so not used to the feeling of exhaustion coming earlier than 3.59pm on a Friday.

Anyhow, this is Tired Emma, and I’ll be writing this evening as normal, after something to eat and a bit of¬†Outlander.

That Outlander episode was great but oddly enough it’s been three whole hours since I wrote that and I have no idea where the time has gone! Oh. Nope, just two. The time on WordPress is wrong.

It appears I’ve missed the beginning of writing sprints online, thirteen minutes to the end of the next one.

Fifteen minute word war has been arranged for :50 so I’ll be joining in with that one, waiting to see if my housemates emerge soon so we can give one of them their birthday cake. I hope so — have been excited all day for a slice!

448 words there.

Well, there was no cake but hopefully there will be tomorrow. Watching a few videos for inspiration for¬†Ghosts of the Tower¬†which I am so excited to write after exams and in the meantime I’ll do a bit more writing on this project.

Let’s do another word sprint, we’ll go for 20 minutes again this time.

Time started: 10.45pm
Time finished: 11.05pm
Words written: 710 words

I think I’ll do one more before I really should get to bed because I’m setting a very early morning alarm for a shower so that I can get to the library incredibly early and be able to try and finish another essay tomorrow if I possibly can. That would be fantastic timing as it’d mean that the essay hell would be over a little earlier than I have been expecting!

So, with that, a final twenty minutes writing session.

Time started :11.13pm
Time finished: 11.33pm
Words written: 840 words

I’ve made some wonderful progress on my novel tonight and I’m very excited for the mini climax scenes that are coming up quite soon in my story plan (that’s just resting in my head for now).

Speak soon. x..x..x.



Day in the Writing Life (April 23rd 2016, Robot Dreams)

Screenshot 2016-04-22 at 22.36.16Well, hello again! I’ve had a lovely day today out with family for a quick meal and opticians trip, meeting up with Creative Writing friends for board games and to chat at the pub and a little bit of work in the mix too.

Today I’ll be doing a little bit of writing before bed and then tomorrow will be one of the final days of essay sprints before the deadlines. Which I’m very excited and a little nervous about, I must say. It’ll be a wonderful moment when all of the essays are handed in ready to be forgotten about.

There’s word war sprinting happening on Twitter which I always love so I’ll take part in that for a little while before an early night.


Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40

First up is a twenty minute sprint at twenty minutes past ten. So one more minute to go!
Time started: 10.24pm
Time finished: 10.44pm
Words written: 624 words

I’m going to do another twenty minutes and then I’ll be signing off for the evening there. Sometimes the work just has to get done first and then the fun can follow ūüôā

Time started: 10.55pm
Time finished: 11.30pm
Words written 1349 words

I really enjoyed getting more into this scene and getting into the world of these characters, introducing another important secondary character which has got me thinking about the role of the earlier secondary characters and how I can adapt the story when I go round for a second run through.

It’s late and I have to be up early, so a quick relax and then it’ll be time for me to sleep!




A Day in the Writing Life (April 22nd 2016, Robot Dreams)

Yesterday I had something else I had to write in my free non-uni writing time, but that was a nice change. Today I was working on my third essay for uni as well as ordering in shopping with some of my housemates (including a birthday cake for the birthday of our other housemate, which I’m really looking forward to sharing when she’s back).¬†Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40

Writing time is drifting away slowly into the night, but that’s ok for now. Once these essays are done there’ll be plenty more time for writing.

On the uni related note, I thought I’d share a few photos of this uni year. I haven’t got that many, as it has been a less chaotic year than first year, with a little less in the way of things that really warrant pictures but it’s been an interesting year none the less. And yes, that is me getting nostalgic even though there are still a few months left!

Today I was with my housemates, picked up the phone and the guy on the other end of the phone asked if my dad was there, clearly thinking I was about five years old. We get a lot of calls for the owner of the house, which gets more than a little odd after a while…

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A Day in the Writing Life (April 20th 2016, Robot Dreams)

Perfect timing. I’ve decided to start writing and the Twitter NaNoSprints group is running a word sprint at :20 (9.20pm here in the UK so I’ll join in with that!)

Time started: 9.28pm [got held up]Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40
Time finished: 9.58pm
Words written: 995 words
Words per minute: 33wpm

A little more writing and then I’ll be done for the evening,¬†uni essay writing is starting to take up all of my emotional energy. Another few days and that’ll be all over with and I’ll be back to loving exploring words in my free time too.

Let’s go for a fifteen minute sprint. That should be just enough time to get me to the start of the exciting scene that has been sustaining my interest for the last little while. Well, a few days actually but who is counting?

Time started: 10.08pm
Time finished: 10.22pm
Words written: 629 words
Words per minute: 45wpm

I’m going to do a little more writing to finish off the scene I’m writing and then heading off for a little TV before bed and yet another early night! Not early, but earlier than I would perhaps like if you see what I mean.


A Day in the Writing Life (April 19th 2016, Robot Dreams)

Well, today has been eventful. I’ve made some progress on my essays and had some exciting news, so I’m now going to head to the local street food market that’s running tonight and get something to eat for my tea.¬†Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40

Well, that was interesting. The pizza was quite nice, although not the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve spent a good few hours watching most of the Wolf Hall mini-series in miniature, skipping to the scenes of interest. It’s a time period I know well so seeing dramatisation of events that really happened is quite intriguing, the fictionalisation of history (and counter-factual history too come to think of it) is something I’m fascinated by.

First up,¬†I’m looking at the NaNo Sprints Twitter and can see they are in the middle of a sprint, so going to join in with them soon.


Ooh, that’s an interesting one. Half an hour at :55, although I shan’t be following their suggested prompt as it doesn’t really match what I’m writing.

Time started: 9.56pm
Time finished: 10.28pm (A couple of extra minutes as I stopped mid way through in order to buy some birthday gifts for family and got distracted at the start by Les Mis live).
Words written: 1102 words
Words per minute: 34 wpm

The next prompt is for 20 minutes at :35
I’ll be doing that one and then I’ll probably call it a night as it’s back to the library tomorrow and I have so much stuff to do!

Time started: 10.37pm
Time finished: 10.58pm
Words written: 814 words
Words per minute: 39 wpm

It’s always neat to try word sprints online on Twitter as it really feels that you’re connecting with the community. Back tomorrow, after another long library day.

Peace out,



A Day in the Writing Life (April 18th 2016, Robot Dreams)

I’ve started writing up my second essay for uni, which wasn’t the most exciting way to start such a sunny day. I’m at that point where I’m looking forward to uni starting so I’ll see people and not just be alone with my work for most of the time.Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40

A little bit of writing might keep me busy, so let’s start with an easy one.

Fifteen minutes to start.

Time started: 9.48pm
Time finished: 10.04 pm
Words written: 553 words
Words per minute: 37 wpm

Now, let’s go for a quick ten minutes one as well.

Time started: 10.29pm
Time finished: 10.39pm
Words written: 416 words
Words per minute: 42 wpm

If anyone is wondering why I’m struggling to write at the moment, it has at least something to do with the amount of uni work I have to do, upcoming deadlines and generally the looming pressure to do well. Sorry to be a bore.

I’m a little behind on ¬†my Camp NaNoWrimo word count but I’m coming up to the next part of the novel that I’m excited about, the part that I’ve been daydreaming about, so it’ll be great to get to that tomorrow or Wednesday.

If tomorrow is more productive uni work wise then you’ll be seeing some more of me then, as I find it harder to be creative for myself when I’ve missed my work goals.

Emma, signing off .x.