A Day in the Writing Life (Robot Dreams, April 3rd 2016)

I found it really motivating yesterday to do a day in the writing life post, so have decided to do one again. I’ll be continuing to write my new project, with the working title of Robot Dreams, and will be live blogging again too. I’m in the middle of a writing crawl on the Camp NaNoWriMo website so will be returning to that again today, tweaking the rules a Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40little so it suits my writing style again.

In the writing crawl, I’m up to stage four, where I need to sprint to the nearest thousand words in order to unlock a new clue, suspect or evidence note. I’ll just go for 1,000 words rather than try to guestimate my current word count (I like to look at the NaNo word count at the end of my day rather than the beginning).

4. Sprint to the next thousand words:
Time started: 12.30pm
Time finished: 1.13pm (I got distracted by Honest Trailers, Daily Mail and other sites – can you tell by my slowness!)
Words written: [subtract 101] 1029 words
Words per minute: 24 wpm

Ooh, turns out that these hints all have tasks attached to them, which is an interesting surprise as it did seem as if the crawl was going to be over way too soon:
– Write 10x a dice roll for the ten-fold debt repaid. (400)
– Do a three digits challenge for the number of texts. (223)
– Write for 45 minutes. (900 words equiv.)

Task One: 400 words.
Time started: 2.50pm
Time finished: 3.00pm
Words written: [subtract 46] 500-46 = 464 words
Words per minute: 46 wpm

Task Two: 223 words
Time started: 4.42pm
Time finished: some time before 4.52 (watched an Honest Trailer until 4.56)
Words written: [subtract 37]: 217 words: a little short, but close enough! Have been over the word count on other challenges.

Task Three: 900 words
Time started: Sometime after 9pm
Time finished: 11.31pm
Words written: 2000 words approx (subtracting the little reminder notes I keep for the next scene).
I’ve included in this section also the next part of the crawl, which was Write to the nearest thousand words (which I have certainly achieved in its original form).

Now I have to try and guess who-dunnit. Oooh, I got it wrong. There’s meant to be a penalty here of a random number of words (which would have been 600 in this case) but I’m at the perfect stopping point for the evening now.

That word crawl gave me an incredible number of words, with a few tweaks to make it suit my aims. Let’s add up the words for the evening. It might be interesting to come back to this later and look at the clues that I didn’t choose, or try one of the Harry Potter crawls.

Word count: 3710 words
Camp NaNoWrimo word count: 6630 words (accounted for by some slight alterations in word count through swapping between programmes)

Screenshot 2016-04-03 at 23.36.54

This project is just something I came up with the idea for while away for a few days with family but I’m already becoming connected to the world and want to know what happens next!

(I have some vague ideas of scenes that will take place at some stage in the novel, but not the whole narrative or crisis points. This will be an interesting journey 🙂


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