A Day in the Writing Life (April 4th, Robot Dreams)

I’m back, for another ‘day in the life’ post. They’re quite interesting to write and come with the added bonus of giving me somewhere to record my scores on the writing crawls I’ve been doing lately.Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40

Today, in other news, I started writing my 6,000 word essay for uni as well as some other uni related reading (on classical humanism) and revision (Henry VII’s self-representation). It wasn’t too much work in the grand scheme of things and, seeing as I’ve come back to Durham for a bit to get loads done, I felt a bit uneasy at having only got that little bit done today. I arrived in the library quite late which probably didn’t help and I was in a more creative mood than an essay writing one. I tried to adjust to that by writing some revision notes with the bonus of some gel pens instead…

The writing crawl I’ve chosen to write with tonight is the Greek Mythology Crawl. It’s another one courtesy of the NaNoWriMo forums, with three options:
– The Labours of Heracles Challenge
– The Illiad Challenge
– The Odyssey Challenge.
Note: This writing crawl was written by centreoftheselights over at nanowrimo.org

I’ve decided to start with the labours of Heracles challenge, which gives the option of picking three of the mini-challenges or trying out all twelve. I’ve got plenty of time tonight so I think I’m going to give them all a go!

The labours of Heracles challenge

1) Nimean lion: 20 minutes of writing
Time started: 7.49pm
Time finished: 8.09pm
Words written: [minus 57 words] 513 words 
Words per minute: 26wpm
I forgot that this was a timed challenge and that I should convert it into a word count aim, or else it would be less enjoyable and much more pressured in its own way. Lesson learned for the next challenge then I think.

2) Hydra: 500 words in five minutes
Annd… I’m going to alter this one. Not because it’s not an interesting challenge to go from 0 to 50wpm while writing, but because so far this feels like a relatively clean first draft. I don’t want to compromise that too much for the sake of just a few extra words.
So: 500 words in no time limit.

Taking a quick break to think over some research for my next project, Ghosts of the Tower.
Time started: 8.54pm
Time finished: 9.38pm
Words written: [subtract 71]  1153 words
Words per minute: 26 words per minute
I really got into the scene I was writing at this stage a little more than previously but have found today to be a much slower writing day. I think that is probably because I have had to do university work as well today and that’s always incredibly offputting when you’re trying to connect to a story world. Still, I’m enjoying discovering more about the world I’m writing about and about the very confused main character.

Another short break and then it’s on to challenge three.

I’m fascinated by my idea for my next novel but I can’t start working on it yet as it will require a hella lot of research. I’m talking potentially visiting archives and reading five hundred year old manuscripts online. It’s not something I’ll be able to just write, but I’m still really excited, and quite curious to see whether it works. Because if it does, it’ll be the first thing I’ve wrote that isn’t Young Adult and I’m intrigued to find out where that will go.

It’s an idea that, much like the one I’m writing tonight, just sprung into being quite fully formed. The nuances, the subplots, the characterisation are more in flux but the actual synopsis I would write for it is quite clear in my mind.

3) Golden deer: 600 words in 15 minutes
And… again, I’m just going to avoid the timer aspect of this challenge.
Time started: 10.30pm
Time finished: 10.57pm
Words written: [subtract 72 words] 729 words
Words per minute: 27 wpm.

I’ve been much slower writing today but I’ve still made some respectable progress in the story today. Today’s scene was pretty much a filler between the excitement of the opening and the big bad reveal of what will become chapter three.

Daily word count: 2395 words approx


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