A Day in the Writing Life (April 6th, Robot Dreams)

Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40I’m back again! Yesterday I went out in the evening and was at the library working on an essay during the day so sadly didn’t get any writing time, which sucked. Today though, I’ve got enough work done for the day and as most people aren’t back in Durham yet there really isn’t much for me to be doing.

I’m going to return to the Labours of Heracles challenge, where I’m on part four of twelve!

I’m quite intrigued at the moment by Youtube videos that relate to the topic of my next project, so if I get distracted at all while writing you know where I’ll be!

Erymanthian Boar: 750 words
Time started: 9.28pm
Time finished: 9.54pm
Words written: 1030 words
Words per minute: 39wpm

Quick break to read fanfiction and listen to some music. I’m quite excited to start Ghosts in the Tower but I know I can’t quite yet — I’d like to get the first draft of The Last Days squared off and finish a first draft of this project too first if I can, otherwise I’ll have far too much on the go! 🙂 That, and researching a historical novel when I’m meant to be revising for history exams is sure to go awry.  Funnily enough, I already know what the epigraphs will be for the sections of the book, even if I haven’t fully cemented the plot! I think anyway.

Right, I’m back and my laptop is running a little low on battery so I’ll probably only have time for one more writing session before it’s time for bed. The days at the moment are all running together in a pattern of: get up, go to the library, do some work, come home, etc. But to get this essay done (it’s a 6,000 word one, the longest I’ve had to write before), I have very little choice at all.

The next challenge is called the ‘Augean stables’ challenge and asks me to write five hundred words as quickly as I can. Like normal I’ll be avoiding the speed writing aspect of the challenge and just aiming for five hundred words or more in the writing session.

Time started: Some time around 11.05pm judging by my internet history bringing up music I was listening to when writing then, I presume around then!
Time finished: 11.42pm
Words written: 1680 words
Words per minute: ~ 45 wpm

Wow. That writing session was just around the same length of time as the first one but I was much more embroiled in the story and plot the second time around. If my laptop hadn’t been on 2% charge so I had to go grab the charger I probably would have kept writing. Of course, that would have been a bad thing as I have to get up earlyish in the morning to go back to the library…

It’s strange, just over an hour of writing time and I’ve progressed the story much further than that would have on my last two projects. I feel like I’m in the same writing mode as I was a few years back  and have barely been able to reclaim lately, aside from odd nights of writing for as many hours as possible.

I think it probably stems from the fact I’m on top of my workload for uni, I’m working during the days and it’s quiet here at the moment. If I want to write, I can and there’s nothing really to distract me. It’s great.

And with that final word count increase of 2,702 words today, I’m off to bed in a little while!


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