A Day in the writing life (April 7th, Robot Dreams)

Here I am again, back to writing tonight! It’s been a frustratinScreenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40g and boring day and the library sadly, I’m getting more than a little tired of writing the exact same essay day in and day out. At 6,000 words it’s the longest piece of coursework I’ve had for my degree so far and I’m getting to the point where I’d like to just stop working on it and move to something else but that isn’t really an option right now. If I don’t finish a draft of it soon, then I’ll be leaving myself basically no time to write the other ones. And trying to B.S. an essay on the obscure topic of seventh and eighth century views on wealth in one kingdom of Anglo-Saxon England would not end well for me…

So, a bit of writing to round off the day.

The next challenge on the list I’m using is the ‘Stymphalian Birds’ challenge which requires me to write a scene in which someone makes a loud noise. Simple enough and really that isn’t motivating to increase my word count in any meaningful way. So I’ll take on that challenge as well as the next one at the same time. That challenge is the ‘Cretan Bull’ challenge for a word count of 400 in ten minutes. You’ve probably guessed by now that I don’t like the time aspect of challenges as it drives you to stop writing no matter what part you are at in a scene and that’s no good… So, a base aim of four hundred words it is then.

Side note, I’ve just been reading Reddit and if you’d like the smallest of hints about what my novel is about then take a look at the below video. This is inspired by a Reddit prompt and is an amazing short film called 3:54. It’s insanely creepy and well put together too. My novel is YA and isn’t intended to scare people but this reminded me of it. Investigating the short film and it appears to be based off a reply to a writing prompt which was turned into a novel. Cool.


Going to have to look into this later as it looks like an interesting thing to read, and something different to the usual online fanfiction stories.

Being at a really dull part in my essay writing, wedged almost exactly in the middle of starting the essay and having a complete first draft done, kind of sucks for my creativity. Let’s see if I have any writing in me tonight!

Time started: 11.05pm
Time finished: 11.22pm
Words written: [subtract 56] 661 words 
Words per minute: 39wpm

I stopped on this challenge right there, as I have just enough to write to complete another session and don’t want to force my writing to come tumbling to a halt at a a point I’d hate to stop at. I’ve yet to complete the loud noise challenge but I’ll make a note of it, there’s a point coming up in the next two or three writing sessions where that will definitely come into play. It seems silly to bring it into focus too early.

It’s getting late so one quick bit more writing and then I really should get to bed so I can get back to the library tomorrow (groan.). I’m thinking of using writing as the break in between working on sections of the essay. That might be a motivating change, rather than just trying to fill time and procrastinate. We’ll see!

The next challenge is given in terms of a time frame, which never really works for me, so I’ll be interpreting the “Mares of Diomedes” challenge as instead one to write four hundred words or more.

Edit: Actually, it’s late and going to bed late last night really didn’t help my uni productivity. Got to have a bit of responsibility!

I’ll be back tomorrow 🙂



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