A Day in the Writing Life (April 8th 2016, Robot Dreams)

HScreenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40ello again! Today I’ll be back at the wonderful Bill Bryson Library writing about the wonders of Communism within British academia during the 1950s… and yes, that is a big chunk of the 6,000 word essay that I’m writing at the moment.

You can probably tell then that I’m getting a little bit bored of the whole thing, so I’ve decided that I’ll break up the whole essay writing thing with a bit of creative writing, or at least I’ll try.

Here’s the deal. One hour of essay writing equals ten minutes of Robot Dreams. Seems like a fair way of doing it and at least this way my breaks might get to be a little more structured, rather than meandering on forever.

Let’s try and start that aim now. It’s just before quarter past twelve, so at one fifteen I’ll take a ten minute writing break.

Essay progress: Well, I’ve managed to write a few paragraphs on the essay but more significantly I’ve found a way to include discussion of the influence of another historian on the main guy I’m talking about, which is something that certainly isn’t my strong point. It’s something I’ve got to include though, so there’s that. Got to write up that section next hour round and then I’ll be moving on to his relationship with another historian, and also the influence of a whole different school of thought on his work!

First though, going to treat this break as my lunch break (not that I have a full meal to eat in the library, think librarians would cry) and have a quick snack and web surf before writing again.

Well, it’s been almost twenty minutes since I stopped working and I know that I could easily keep going forever sitting here doing other things than working on this essay, so a few more minutes and then a five minute writing stint, rather than a ten minute one. For quickness.

Time started: 1.44pm
Time finished: 1.49pm
Words written: [subtract 52] 292 words
Words per minute: 58.4 wpm

And now it’s back to working on the essay. It’s quite nice to have a writing break, even if it is only five minute sparks of writing. Just going to find some music to do essay work along to and then it’s another hour, starting at 2pm.

Fifty seven minutes later.
Essay progress: That was a surprisingly productive hour, finishing that sub-section, moving on to the next one and planning out what will happen in the rest of the part of the essay I’m doing today.

The breaks got a little out of hand so I skipped the writing break,  did some more intensive work and ended up leaving the library around 5.30.

And now I’m back, ready for the next challenge! I haven’t forgotten the loud noise part of the challenge. It says a 30 minute sprint, so I’ll go for 700 words instead.
Time started: 10.22pm
Time finished: 11.46pm
This included quite a bit of distraction through internet videos etc but that was quite cool anyway. Cassetteboy, you are my hero.
Words written: [subtract 75] 1942 words
Words per minute: 23wpm

The last few hundred words are a little nonsensical as I’m so tired but they got down the story and I’m quite happy with that as I’ve now completed Part One, i.e. the bit I knew what happened in. So tomorrow will be something new entirely which is great 🙂

Signing off,



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