A Day in the Writing Life (April 9th 2016, Robot Dreams)

Back home now, which is great, for a weekend free of any university work. We’ve had a takeaway from the shop at the end of the road and I’m feeling quite relaScreenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40xed although tired now (had to have a two hour nap earlier!).

Have watched British Army Girls and off to do some writing now as I simply can’t watch The Voice…

I finished the loud noise challenge yesterday and the next challenge on the list to develop one of my female characters will be easy too as my MC is female.

Next challenge on the twelve labours of Heracles crawl is to write 333 words in 10 minutes. You know the drill by now, it’s just 333 words generally for me.

This is quite a low set-up target and I’m really tired today from the late nights I had while I was doing uni work, so it’ll probably be a low total word count for the day, although I’m very happy to be able to have a break tomorrow.

On Monday I’ll be back to working on my university project and then after that there is the wonderful task of writing two more, albeit shorter, essays. After that there is just two exams and I’ll be free of enforced education for another five months aside from a dissertation proposal, and likely no more assessed work for another seven months. What a beautiful prospect. There’s something great about the way that uni work only encompasses part of your year. I’m not quite ready to believe I’ve already almost finished my second year, although that’s probably as the terms are so short I’ve actually spent just under one full year at uni so far.

Anyway, I digress…

Time started: 11.37pm
Time finished: 11.57pm
Words written: [subtract 13] 930 words
Words per minute: 47wpm

I’m really happy with the scene I just wrote, from start to finish, and was quite tempted to continue on writing but it’s late and the fact I needed a two hour nap earlier probably says something.

My word document is now 44 pages long for this project, and I’ve got over 15,000 words of a first draft. That’s pretty amazing going for a story that wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye just over a week ago.

Emma, signing off. x.x.


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