A Day in the Writing Life (April 10th 2016, Robot Dreams)

Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40 Hello again! I’m now at the final two challenges of the first Greek mythology crawl, which has taken quite a few days!

I’m quite intrigued at the other writing crawl options that NaNoWriMo offers, which I’ll see soon.

First up though, finishing the Greek mythology crawl. Challenge number uno is a fifteen minute five hundred word sprint, which just means 500 words for me…

I’ve watched a really interesting documentary on Cleopatra (Cleopatra: Mother, Mistress, Murderer, Queen) and have found my next writing crawl! The Hunger Games crawl looks awesome.

Alongside doing the next challenge on the Greek mythology crawl I’ll be inviting people on Twitter to join me, as the official NaNoSprints twitter doesn’t appear to be active right now.


Time started: 4.13pm (oops, a few minutes late for the sprint but doesn’t look like anyone is joining me!)
Time finished: 4.33pm
Words written: 1042 words
Words per minute: 52 wpm

So that’s clearly one more post on the Greek mythology crawl behind me!

This evening I watched the Channel 4 drama The People Next Door and it’s really fascinating, especially the interesting camera angles and way the story is told entirely through found footage. Definitely worth a watch.

The final stage of the Heracles crawl is to “capture Cerberus” through writing for fifteen minutes with your eyes closed. Umm… no thanks! I can write quite well by touch typing, but replacing misspellings at the end of a writing session is kinda boring.

So. Let’s just pretend that was write 500 words. There’s some NaNo word sprints going on Twitter and I missed the start of this one, so going to return next time I’m writing and take a look at that.

In other news, the essay that I spent the ‘working week’ as it were writing, is much longer than I expected. It’s uncomplete and when typed up the handwritten part of the first draft is around 5,800 words excluding all of the inline comments and corrections I made. Wow. That explains why it took all week and yet never seemed to be finished. There’s still a little bit of work left to have a full first draft but once that’s done I’ll be able to move on to tidying it up into second draft format and adding the references and bibliography. After that it’s a question of moving on to the next essay for the remainder of the week. I’m prepared to work even harder for the next week in the hopes that I’ll be able to have all of these essays done by the time term starts again.

Anyway, this is a writing blog not a ‘let’s talk about my uni assignments blog’ so back to writing it is!

Time started: 10.36pm
Time finished: 11.08pm
Words written: [subtract 19] 1609 words
Words per minute: 50 wpm

Total word count up until now is 18,312 and bearing in mind how much work I’ve done for university at the moment too that’s made me pretty happy. That gives a word count for today as 2,656. Of course it’s first draft stage and it’s getting messier as I carry on and get carried away in the music I’m listening to and the story I’m writing but it’s great to be truly lost in a fictional world again for a few minutes at a time. Writing sessions are short but they are wholly involving at the moment which is great 🙂

Tomorrow it’ll be back to uni work and I’m optimistic about how much work I want to get done over the next week, so it’ll have to be a relatively early night for me, even though my fingers are dancing over the keys right now and I could easily keep going.

Perhaps I’ll watch some research fanmade videos for my historical fiction project or read some fanfiction before bed, but I’m done writing for now.

Emma, signing off. x.


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