A Day in the Writing Life (April 11th 2016, Robot Dreams)

Another day, another library trip. About 2,000 words of my uni project in second draft phase, two chapters related to another essay read and I found a book thaScreenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40t will be useful for my historical novel (it’s a book of letters written by medieval and early modern queens if you are interested). I’ve also found out about an amazing looking event happening in Newcastle in June, a murder mystery style writing festival. Looks awesome and seeing as I loved the writing festival there last year, I’ll definitely be investigating that one further!

I’m now going to give the NaNoWriMo Hunger Games writing crawl a go, it’s from DeaMaxwell and Chorister over at the NaNoWriMo forums and I encourage you to go check it out (http://nanowrimo.org/forums/word-wars-prompts-sprints/threads/253351?page=1)

The first part of the crawl is called In The District.

Reaping Day: three minute sprint

I’ve chosen to use one of the fanmade history videos I’ve been watching lately for this sprint, it’s just under three minutes long.

Word count: 140 words
Video length: 2:48

Goodbye: three minute sprint

I’ll reuse the history video me thinks. Ooh, actually, second thoughts. I’m going to use the trailer to the movie that I watched so much during A-level English. #McCarthyism #nostalgia. Can you guess what it is?
The trailer is only two and a half mins but that’ll do!
Time started: 7.47pm
Time finished: 7.50pm
Word count:  163 words
Words per minute: 54wpm

Watching that trailer while writing has given me such nostalgia for A-level and for the English module that I took last year – especially for Angels in America, which has some wonderful phrasings to it. Going to watch a short clip from the play (the first one) and then return to the crawl!

And then a Martin Luther King speech too. It’s one I’ve always found fascinating because of the way he seems to be almost predicting what will happen to him.

Train ride: random number generator
I’m apparently District 11 and that means I have to sprint 1100 words. The option to achieve a bonus was to write 11,000 words, not in one go I don’t think I could!

I didn’t roll very well there did I haha.

Time started: 8.30pm
Time finished: 9.07pm
Words written: [subtract 31] 1226 words
Words per minute: 33 wpm

This one was a little slower, because of all of the video swapping and online chatting. I think something that made it slower and harder was that the word count challenge was so high, whereas when it’s low you have something to aspire to. So I’m going to change my aim to a lower word count completely; and move to District Four. Yes, in my world you can just swap districts.

Stage 2 – Prep Week

Opening Ceremonies. You have half an hour to reach your district goal (district x 100). = half an hour to write 400 words is easy as pie. I’ll be back to do just that after a short fanfiction break.

Well, that wasn’t such a short break after all. Anyway, I should have time for this one last writing session before bed, as I’m hopeful for an early morning to make sure that I have a productive day. Tomorrow I’m thinking flash cards, essay write-ups and probably a bit of essay planning too. I keep on having the odd sense of panic, thinking that hand in is next week but it isn’t thankfully, which makes everything just a lot better.

Time started: 10.25pm
Time finished: 10.49pm
Words written: 1223 words 
Words per minute: 51wpm

I keep on finishing my day’s writing on a part that is exciting and makes me want to keep on going. What’s most exciting about today’s finishing point is that it’s finally time for a setting change! The novel so far has been set in one location and we’re now moving out into the big wide world. Just one more scene.

What I have so far is starting to feel a little bit like set-up as I explored the story so perhaps in the next draft I’ll find it can be shortened but, for now, I’m exploring the world inhabited by my characters and that’s exciting enough.

Total word count: 21,065 words.
Daily word count: 2752 words approx.

Wow. This project is really growing before my eyes and it’s great to be so involved in writing something again!

Screenshot 2016-04-11 at 22.53.44

Signing off,




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