A Day in the Writing Life (April 12th 2016, Robot Dreams)

Another day, another library trip. 1800 words of essay second draft and 240 flashcards on the nature of the Tudor state and the reign of Henry VIIScreenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40. Tomorrow I’ll really have to start my essay on Mary I as that’s something I’ve been neglecting for a while, what with my focus on the independent project.

But today, after an afternoon spent in the library, I’m free.

I’m on the Hunger Games crawl and, for a recap from yesterday, I’m currently on Training Days where you sprint to the nearest 1,000 words. This time around that’s 945 words.

Today I didn’t write straight away but went and watched Lucifer, W1A and read FanFiction. Turns out that writing first and then watching TV second is more inspiring on a writing day.

Time started: 11pm
Time finished: 11.46pm
Words written: 1048 words
Words per minute: 23wpm

Well, in that time I was also talking to friends and family online, reading the news and investigating my essay titles for university so not bad going. The scene I was writing today was filler too, so glad to be through that part of the story.

Time for bed I think – another day of uni work ahead of me.


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