A Day in the Writing Life (April 13th 2016, Robot Dreams)

Today has not been a productive uni day so I’m going to listen to the second half of my favourite musical while making some flashcards and then return here!Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40 It’s easy for me to become guilty about not doing enough uni work when I’ve made the effort to dedicate my time to it, so some flashcards should make me feel a little easier.

Well, about sixty flashcards on ecclesiastical history later and I’m back, ready for some fun writing. Watching the end of my musical and then will open up my Hunger Games Crawl page.

We’re on Stage 2: Private Session. In this task I have fifteen minutes to write as much as I can and then this will tell me what I’m going to get, if I’m going to get do-overs that will help me with the next stage of the game. Let’s go!

Time started: 10.10pm
Time finished: 10.25pm
Words written: 841 words
Words per minute: 56wpm

On the game this scores me one do-over! Yay, I’ll make sure to record that.

Then I have the interview, with a free do-over. Now I’m on to Stage Three… the Games.

Hovercraft: 10 minutes
It says to do this with your eyes shut but that isn’t really much fun, unless you’re so into the story at that point that you could literally write with your eyes closed. This scene isn’t that involving, so let’s carry on.  As there isn’t a specific challenge to this one, I’ll be using the video I’m listening to which is 12mins19 but by the time get started will be close enough to ten minutes.
Current status: 2 do-overs
Time started: 11.12pm
Time finished: 11.24pm
Words written: 739 words
Words per minute: 61 words per minute

My writing has been slowing down, as you can see, and I’m afraid that’s due to the monotony of the uni work I’m doing. It’s starting to lose it’s appeal! Not long left though and it’ll be down to just exam revision and then the long summer break…

Happy writing everyone.

Emma x..x.


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