A Day in the Writing Life (April 14th 2016, Robot Dreams)

a difficult uni work day today. time for some r+rScreenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40
sitting in my armchair with a sunlamp on, as it’s been such miserable weather lately…

i am aware of my lack of capitals by the way 🙂

A little bit later in the evening and I’m not quite so tired (or lazy, you decide!) that I can’t be bothered to use the capital letter key.

The next task is the 50 words/1minute task which sounds easy enough but it requires getting straight into the story without an introduction time… which is less easy.

Remember that I still have two do-overs.

Time started: 7.53pm
Time finished: 7.54pm
Words written: 79 words 
Words per minute: 79wpm

So yes, that challenge is done!

The next challenge is the fight at the cornucopia where I have a choice between going for supplies and… not going for supplies. In one I have 30 minutes and in the other an hour to write 1,000 words. I’ll go for thirty minutes, if I fail I still have two do-overs.

Time started: 8.25pm
Time finished: 8.56pm
Words written:  [subtract 83] 1405 words
Words per minute: 45 wpm

I’m now up to Day 2, and I hate fifty headed hydra challenges. If you do NaNoWriMo you’ll know why they are painful and so difficult to complete. At this stage on an evening I’m not really in the right mood to do something like this task, so I think I’ll just roll a random 4-8 sided die to find out how many words to write next!

Actually, perhaps for once a timed challenge would be better. I’ll give it seven minutes, as I’m quite tired this evening and hoping for an early night.
Time started: 9.44pm
Time finished: 9.52pm
Words written: 351 words 
Words per minute: 44wpm

Emma, over and out .x.



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