A Day in the Writing Life (April 19th 2016, Robot Dreams)

Well, today has been eventful. I’ve made some progress on my essays and had some exciting news, so I’m now going to head to the local street food market that’s running tonight and get something to eat for my tea. Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40

Well, that was interesting. The pizza was quite nice, although not the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve spent a good few hours watching most of the Wolf Hall mini-series in miniature, skipping to the scenes of interest. It’s a time period I know well so seeing dramatisation of events that really happened is quite intriguing, the fictionalisation of history (and counter-factual history too come to think of it) is something I’m fascinated by.

First up, I’m looking at the NaNo Sprints Twitter and can see they are in the middle of a sprint, so going to join in with them soon.


Ooh, that’s an interesting one. Half an hour at :55, although I shan’t be following their suggested prompt as it doesn’t really match what I’m writing.

Time started: 9.56pm
Time finished: 10.28pm (A couple of extra minutes as I stopped mid way through in order to buy some birthday gifts for family and got distracted at the start by Les Mis live).
Words written: 1102 words
Words per minute: 34 wpm

The next prompt is for 20 minutes at :35
I’ll be doing that one and then I’ll probably call it a night as it’s back to the library tomorrow and I have so much stuff to do!

Time started: 10.37pm
Time finished: 10.58pm
Words written: 814 words
Words per minute: 39 wpm

It’s always neat to try word sprints online on Twitter as it really feels that you’re connecting with the community. Back tomorrow, after another long library day.

Peace out,



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