A Day in the Writing Life (April 20th 2016, Robot Dreams)

Perfect timing. I’ve decided to start writing and the Twitter NaNoSprints group is running a word sprint at :20 (9.20pm here in the UK so I’ll join in with that!)

Time started: 9.28pm [got held up]Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40
Time finished: 9.58pm
Words written: 995 words
Words per minute: 33wpm

A little more writing and then I’ll be done for the evening, uni essay writing is starting to take up all of my emotional energy. Another few days and that’ll be all over with and I’ll be back to loving exploring words in my free time too.

Let’s go for a fifteen minute sprint. That should be just enough time to get me to the start of the exciting scene that has been sustaining my interest for the last little while. Well, a few days actually but who is counting?

Time started: 10.08pm
Time finished: 10.22pm
Words written: 629 words
Words per minute: 45wpm

I’m going to do a little more writing to finish off the scene I’m writing and then heading off for a little TV before bed and yet another early night! Not early, but earlier than I would perhaps like if you see what I mean.


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