A Day in the Writing Life (April 22nd 2016, Robot Dreams)

Yesterday I had something else I had to write in my free non-uni writing time, but that was a nice change. Today I was working on my third essay for uni as well as ordering in shopping with some of my housemates (including a birthday cake for the birthday of our other housemate, which I’m really looking forward to sharing when she’s back). Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40

Writing time is drifting away slowly into the night, but that’s ok for now. Once these essays are done there’ll be plenty more time for writing.

On the uni related note, I thought I’d share a few photos of this uni year. I haven’t got that many, as it has been a less chaotic year than first year, with a little less in the way of things that really warrant pictures but it’s been an interesting year none the less. And yes, that is me getting nostalgic even though there are still a few months left!

Today I was with my housemates, picked up the phone and the guy on the other end of the phone asked if my dad was there, clearly thinking I was about five years old. We get a lot of calls for the owner of the house, which gets more than a little odd after a while…



Here’s the photo from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Society’s Epiphany social, was only the second time I’d met most of these great people (think it was the first time I went we watched Troll 2, wow, that was an experience!) I’ve only been going along to their meetings for a few weeks before term ended but have really enjoyed getting to know some new people.


Here’s a picture of me and a lot of my History friends hanging out in Edinburgh in first term. We went up to the castle and enjoyed a trip to the Christmas market there. Main thing I bought? Some really nice cheese, oddly enough!

12717766_10204040915702140_4049394186427164666_n Here I am with all of my housemates on Pancake Day this year. I wasn’t feeling very well at all around then with some bad fatigue, but the pancakes were delicious!


Screenshot 2016-04-22 at 22.36.16

This is one of the few pictures I got of me at this year’s Chad’s Day. I went to the procession very early in the morning, to Mr and Mrs Chad’s Day, Family Fortunes and a lot of the other great events, got a takeaway and went to Games Soc covered in green hairspray. The best bit by far though was the Holi Paint Party. It only lasted a few minutes, but what an experience!


Back to writing related things now! I’m at a really fun part in my novel but I’m going to expand it out a little ways further as I think there’s some more I could be doing there to make it even more intriguing. It’s been a busy week and there’s not a lot of free time for me at the moment, or creative energy when I do have it,  but Summer is coming and I’m really looking forward to that. I wanted to write tonight but I haven’t quite got round to it this evening.

Tomorrow I’ll be meeting up with Creative Writing friends for an evening of catch-up and board games, having an opticians appointment and trying to do some work too. A busy few days ahead of me, but it’ll all be worth it 🙂

Emma .x.


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