A Day in the Writing Life (April 24th 2016, Robot Dreams)

Why the extremely odd photo of me? Well, I tried to get a picture of myself just now to celebrate the fact that my 6,000 word essay that has taken up a serious serious amount of my time over the last six weeks is finally complete. That’s right, apart from one or two alterations and checks I need to do in the morning, it’s officially ready to be handed in tomorrow. Which is the most wonderful feeling. However, as soon as I finished the essay, I got really tired. A combination of the lack of food in the library and the fact that I’m finally done at least one of the three imminent deadline thingys, and I’m not used to finishing before the deadline so not used to the feeling of exhaustion coming earlier than 3.59pm on a Friday.

Anyhow, this is Tired Emma, and I’ll be writing this evening as normal, after something to eat and a bit of Outlander.

That Outlander episode was great but oddly enough it’s been three whole hours since I wrote that and I have no idea where the time has gone! Oh. Nope, just two. The time on WordPress is wrong.

It appears I’ve missed the beginning of writing sprints online, thirteen minutes to the end of the next one.

Fifteen minute word war has been arranged for :50 so I’ll be joining in with that one, waiting to see if my housemates emerge soon so we can give one of them their birthday cake. I hope so — have been excited all day for a slice!

448 words there.

Well, there was no cake but hopefully there will be tomorrow. Watching a few videos for inspiration for Ghosts of the Tower which I am so excited to write after exams and in the meantime I’ll do a bit more writing on this project.

Let’s do another word sprint, we’ll go for 20 minutes again this time.

Time started: 10.45pm
Time finished: 11.05pm
Words written: 710 words

I think I’ll do one more before I really should get to bed because I’m setting a very early morning alarm for a shower so that I can get to the library incredibly early and be able to try and finish another essay tomorrow if I possibly can. That would be fantastic timing as it’d mean that the essay hell would be over a little earlier than I have been expecting!

So, with that, a final twenty minutes writing session.

Time started :11.13pm
Time finished: 11.33pm
Words written: 840 words

I’ve made some wonderful progress on my novel tonight and I’m very excited for the mini climax scenes that are coming up quite soon in my story plan (that’s just resting in my head for now).

Speak soon. x..x..x.



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