A Day in the Writing Life (April 26th 2016, Robot Dreams)

TV. Library. Snow thunderstorm. Seminar. Dissertation talk. Library with friend. Closed takeaway. Tuesday makes it Creative Writing day. Made of Stories Winchester 2014 speech on Youtube for CW Soc. Writing this here as quietly as I can as it seems people are listening to this. Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40

Haven’t had the handover meeting yet so hadn’t planned anything for this week. Prompt given on the spot by a member: write something inspired by a village/inspired by the talk.

So I’ll be writing part of my novel, though it has absolutely nothing to do with either of those things, nothing about an old woman who refused to die or about chocolate or library books.

414 words

Need expanding on one of the scenes but that’s fine, had a great evening in the DSU with a Cherry Sourz Coke and my CW friends. Laughter. Smiles.

What uni’s about. Those moments of enjoyment juxtaposed against essays.


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