A Day in the Writing Life (May 2nd to 8th 2016, Robot Dreams)


I’ve decided to do a weekly post rather than a daily post for the time being as Camp NaNo is over and you’ve had an insight into my writing world. Now is the time when exams are coming to the forefront and I have lots of things on my mind. So at the moment writing time and energy is sadly scarce

Monday 2nd May: Returned  to Durham from a wonderful weekend with family. Final seminar of my second year of university. Creative Writing handover meeting – I’m now the Pres. Back here.

It took a long time, or so it felt, to get the first 300 words out. Borderline painful. But then I got into writing and have quite a heartfelt scene between my two main characters at the turning point of the story which will be great to be a continuing point on next time I’m writing.
Daily word count: 1365 words
Sign-off time: 10.46pm 

Tuesday 3rd May
Lunch with History girls, dissertation talk (Eep! Why so much on medieval China anyway?…), CW gaming, CW meeting, SU.

Daily word count: Somewhere in the region of 70 words. We watched an awesome Wall-E related Ted talk though.

Wednesday 4th May

Library. My family are awesome even when they’re not well. Not really coat weather but I wore one anyway, not good idea. Why is the weather sometimes amazing and sometimes awful?

Daily word count: ~720 words. Have just found a new plot twist in the story that links something from right at the beginning to what is happening now, to what will happen next. Wow. That was weird how that came together all at once 😀


Thursday 5th May
Library. Early to leave library, can’t revise any more! Static post it notes. Homemade pizza (ugh, not good.) Theatre. Review theatre. Sleeps.

Daily word count: Nothing on this project, but I wrote a 600 word review of the theatre show.

Friday 6th May
Woken up before five by incredibly loud birds. Sleep. Library. Unproductivity. Back home.
Daily word count: Pretty low.

Saturday 7th May
A combination of revision and the excitement of being at home.
Daily word count: ~400 words.

Sunday 8th May.
Ditto yesterday.
Daily word count: ~600 words

It’s getting to that point in the academic year where I’m just ready for it to be done. To be free from the encroachments on your time and energy that a degree entails. The way you can never quite get away from the pressure is really frustrating, especially around exam time. The atmosphere in the university library and in the city generally was so toxic I just up and left.

I’ll be back on Monday to meet up with some friends for a morning and return/swap library books but that’s all for now — it’s not the best place to be around exam season. Looking forward to seeing people again though

Emma x




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