i’m back!

IMG_20160521_204528Hello, everyone! I’m finally back, ready to spend some time with my favourite story once again. This last month has been so busy that since around the 18th I’ve had absolutely no time for writing and the time since then has been an absolute mess of revision and exams. The exam I thought I was most prepared for didn’t go very well as I knew so much that I was struggling to narrow down the information enough to deliver a verdict on the question at hand in the time frame available. My thumb was popping in and out that evening, or so it felt, and I was plain exhausted by the time it was over. The second exam was less painful in that regard, with the help of a lovely invigilator who gave me some tips on how to stop my hand from cramping up so painfully. With that exam over I headed home, to have a break from Durham.

It’s been a stressful few days and I’m still very tired and recovering from the last academic year. If I had to put a pinpoint on how long it’s been difficult I’d have to say since the Christmas vacation when I got bitten by those stupid insects and the bites became infected. It wasn’t Lyme Disease — the bites looked nothing like that, and it’s likely it’s just a coincidence since I had really low Vitamin D when I had blood tests, but it’s strange that feeling the most tired I ever have corresponded to that.

Anyway, on a more positive note, I now have time to rest and recover. Which is what I’ll be doing. Seeing friends and family again. Time at home.

I’ll be writing again too, now that the pressure and stress of exams is gone, and I look forward to sharing news on my writing again with you all soon.

~ E


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