A Day in the Writing Life Sort-Of (June 4th 2016)



I’ve just set up my noticeboard with the scene markers I’ll be using to plan my next novel project. I don’t usually plan and it’s worked out badly once before when I’ve tried, but I’d like to have a first draft that once I’m done I can easily work out how to make it better… rather than having to summarise the plot twists and turns as they stand before I even begin.

Last time I tried to use the Save the Cat method and that didn’t really do it for me as it was quite restrictive by nature of its intended use to create roughly 2 hour long screenplays.

So this time I’ll be trying a new method, which has seventeen stages and creates an interesting circular pattern — will be utilising that when planning to try and make my planning diagram look pretty. Of course, I won’t be able to keep it up on the wall forever, so I’ll be making it, taking a photo and then trying to transfer that knowledge of my story onto a Word document.

Image from: http://jbuchbinder.com/2015/08/28/the-monomyth-saving-the-cat-and-consistency/

This one is interesting as it requires a lot of historical research and not in the way my time travel story did. The time travel novel requires research after the fact, so when I go back to do my second draft then I’ll uncover all of the historical truths.



This one is entirely based on historical events and a understanding of them, through an intrigue, so without the history there is no plot. It’s dual narrative, or so I’m thinking right now, and involves real historical figures.

Which means I’ll need to get to know them inside and out in order to make this believable 😀

This afternoon I’m going to be meeting friends, but until then I have some free time.

Edit: The planned writing didn’t happen. Turns out it’s tough waiting around for a certain time to come, as it means that all you’re focused on is waiting, if you don’t otherwise have the energy spare to leave the house and do things prior to that. 

Never mind that though, I had a lovely evening with DUCWS peoples and it was nice to see everyone again! 




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