A Day in the Writing Life (June 5th 2016)

T o m o r r o w i s D i s s e r t a t i o n d a y. EEP. 

What do you mean, I hear you ask? Well, my uni has a ‘dissertations fair’ where you get to speak to potential supervisors.  It’s quite a stressful idea to me as it makes me think of X-Factor when I consider the very idea of pitching topics like that. Ask me to pitch a novel at a conference and sure I’ll do it — I’ve done it before — or ask me to deliver a presentation on something I care about. Sure. This is just odd. Reminds me of the Black Mirror episode on reality TV somehow.

I suppose I just have to get over it.

Walked to Palace Green today to see how the brass band was. Spoiler: I missed the one I actually wanted to see and the second one or third one or whatever didn’t hold my attention in the same way. Le sigh. Still, was nice to get out of the house for a bit.

I also bought a memo block and some ribbon so I can plan my novel in a pretty way.

But I also want to write my story today too as yesterday I hosted the DUCWS end of year event and distributed our anthologies.

So strange. It’s been almost three hours since I wrote the main body of this message and it’s been I feel a weirdly productive latter part of the evening. Strangely though, only once it was completely dark and I was reclined in my armchair with the lights low then off with the only noise from my music. As if I could have been the only person in the world.

It was actually only around 1,300 words but I guess that will be because it was a really emotionally charged scene, one of the climaxes of this part of the story. It’s also one of the last parts of the novel that came to me almost fully formed, the idea behind it anyway, although it changed a little from my envisaging. We’re getting close to the 50,000 words marker at this point, which will be an interesting point to pass. After that we’re getting into the second half of the story and the part where I’ll be working sadly towards the conclusion.

As if often the case with my stories, I have only a certain level planned out. For this project, I know the beginning and the middle. For the one prior, which is around 60,000 words in and will be returned to once this first draft is written, I have the beginning and the end with the middle as a gap. And for my next project I know how it starts and its inevitable conclusion.

The project before all of those I knew the start and the end only and had no clue about the middle or anything other than the message I wanted and the feelings I tried to convey — that one was more something for me than that needed to be shared in hindsight. And the one before that? It was written, apart from the start, in a blur of motion so fast I cannot remember if I knew what was coming. It expanded almost 20,000 words in redrafting, it was that short in its first incarnation.

And it’s late at night now so I should probably stop rambling on as the aforementioned dissertation stuffs is happening tomorrow.


E x


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