A Day in the Writing Life (June 6th 2016)

It’s very hot here at the moment, sun is shining, which just in a way serves to make me a little frustrated that I’m in Durham where I have no deckchair or sun lounger, rather than somewhere that might have one of those things. Today I found to someone I’d love to have as my dissertation, who really got my idea which was exciting, and spoke to another lecturer too who seemed interested although it’s not their speciality.

Anyhow, writing time! For some reason I write best in the evenings, which can be slightly irritating when that’s also when you’re supposed to sleep. Oh well.

Just over 1600 words written and I really should go to bed now. Why? Well, it’s almost 25C tomorrow according to the Google Weather forecast and I’d really like to enjoy that. It’s the only day this week when I have much actually free time without something stressful happening in the same day, what with dissertations and other things, so I’m looking forward to it.

Much love



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