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Excuse the maudlin title, I’m still upset about the EU Referendum result. Good thing my Twitter is currently locked behind some pretty strong privacy settings or you might just find yourself bogged down in my feelings about that.

There’s moving out of my student house this week too, on Friday, which feels much longer ago than I can believe. That was more sweet than bitter, in direct contrast to the victory obtained by the close fought referendum battle.

Exam results were only four days ago. That seems insane from where I’m sitting, in my armchair at home having already read two books (The Long Way to A Small, Angry Planet and Me Before You), begun writing a second draft of The Last Days, begun planning for Ghosts of the Tower aided by Megan and planned trips out with family.

It’s been a busy few days, all combined to make this quite the odd week. Busy, tiring, in a more bone deep way than the usual fatigue of filling the Durham summer days with something to do.

I’ve changed dissertation topics too, flitting away from an idea that reflected my love of writing far more than any actual historical sense.

From last Thursday onwards was a string of goodbyes, meeting up with friends for the last time this (academic) year, some I may not see again and some I almost certainly won’t.

Went to the theatre to see the first half of Angels in America, with my favourite scene chopped out to make it seem oddly sanitised. The last line though – Prior’s despair – bled through clear enough.

The pictures at the top of this post are from one of the DUCWS events that didn’t actually involve putting pen to paper but was great fun anyway – the picnic. First time I’ve actually got a sunburn in England in quite a long time, possibly ever, so did well on that front.

Weather in this part of England is absolutely abysmal currently, contrasting the incredible heat of this Tuesday, and things are just a little bit different.

The summer is stretching in front of me, alive with possibility, despite the currently a bit dullness of it all – the politics, the weather, the apathy brought about by doing far too much for too long.

To round off this overly thoughtful post (can you tell how devastated I am at the EU news and how confused I am at the idea of a summer to fill with my own things?): here’s a picture of my family’s cat.

Note the word ‘family’, not mine. She’s very particular about who she gets close to and I don’t usually meet her exacting standards but look, isn’t she cute. In this photo she’s stealing my bed:


Being back at home is different, but I know one thing:

I’m going to make this summer count.


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