A Day in the Life (June 27th 2016)

Screenshot 2016-06-27 at 10.05.19I think I’ve had literally almost the perfect day. Morning started off with taking my little sister to an event she is going to, which happened with surprisingly little fuss considering I was the ‘navigator’ (never leave me in charge of a RAC route planner!)

Next up, a trip to Beamish with family and then a lovely meal at my all time favourite pub – the one where I had my eighteenth birthday meal. Pictures hopefully coming soon. Followed up by watching Suffragette with my Mum and now, late in the evening, am going to do a little writing before bed.

Good thing I’m not an England supporter as my day might have taken a tumble for the worst considering the match result! Have that kind of warm and fuzzy feeling when a day is just perfect, aside from minor niggles like discomfort in my leg, EU news and my kitty waking me at half four in the morning in a bid to steal my bed for her own.

The last one is cute at least though. 🙂



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