First Draft Completed!

blog2 Hi everyone!

I’ve been away from university for almost a fortnight now, which feels quite bizarre if I’m honest with you. I still have about three months left though, so it’s not as if I’m rushing back to study any time soon.

Just a quick update to share some news with you… This is a blog sharing writing progress and my most recent milestone, reached today, is that I’ve finished the first draft of Robot Dreams. 

This novel has come together quite quickly and, though I know I’ve got a lot of revisions to go especially plot and characterisation wise, it’s great to see it starting to shape up. I only started it in April, after coming up with the idea on a family holiday during which my thoughts were largely consumed by revising for uni exams. Quite a quick first draft all things considered, and better than the seven haphazard months I spent on The Last Days to produce something that’s much much less closer to completion.

It’s a rough draft, with lots of telling and exposition that needs to be shaped, as well as a character whose journey ends slightly differently to I imagined it was going to at the start of the novel.

The final word count of the first draft is just over 67,500 words, which means I’ve added around the final 4,000 words this evening, with a few twists added into the last few hundred words that really need to be substantiated earlier on in the story to make sense.

But this is the first project that I’ve got a concrete draft of since I was seventeen — the The Last Days draft is a little more rough around the edges, from the way that I was unable to dedicate the time to write it all at once. Written over a period of many months, it’s a very different creature to this story. All I can say is, very strange writing the final words after the characters have been part of my routine for the last few months and especially for the last week or so.

Since around Sunday I’ve thought that I would be writing the final words that evening, but that hasn’t happened, with the addition of many great things at the end of the first drafting stage.

What’s next? Well, first up, I’m going to get a wirebound copy of the first draft from a document printing company to use to help me with the second draft so there’s no loose papers to worry about.

Then, for a few days at least, it’s on to other things. I have a third project I’m very excited to start, some short writing things to work on in the short term and am also returning to an arts group I love for a visit tomorrow hopefully.

Five to twelve. Night all.



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