A Day in the Life – 7th July

Today I watched Orange is the New Black, visited the amazing new studio space of an arts group I’m tangentially involved with (i.e when uni disappears into the ether and I have time to join in with things!) and I’ve also started writing my next project.

Look, here’s the evidence! The Robot Dreams cover has been replaced in this post… big step, guys.

Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.03.13

This is one that I’ve been excited to work on ever since I got the idea for it way back in February I think and even more so now that Meg’s given me an incredible idea for a twist in it over the last few days. I’ve got a vague plan sorted, that I concocted on the 26th with Meg’s help and am starting to think about the characters and move away from the headspace Robot Dreams has occupied for the last few weeks.

I’m super tired and have to be up early as I’m going to South Shields with family, dropping Meg off at school on the way, but here’s the very first line of this new story. This is only first draft of course and I already see that the sentence structure needs to be developed but I’ve got some interesting ideas to get into this story.

Screenshot 2016-07-07 at 22.06.45

It’s a tricky one, starting a new project after falling in love with the old one, and I always find that the first 20,000 words or so are a danger zone where my interest can quickly fall away if I’m not committed to exploring the world I’m creating and getting words on paper.

So I’ll be spending some time over the coming weeks writing this one – super excited to keep sharing my progress on it with you!

Much love,



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